Other industries

As Frome began to lose its market when the local wool trade faded after the 18th century, other industries were founded in the town that eventually brought back prosperity. In the mid 19th century, metal working became established and, during the early years of the 20th century, many engineering companies grew in the town. Frome Heritage Museum houses many documents and artefacts from these industries, some of which are available to view in our online Collections catalogue.


Cockey 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

Lewis Cockey came to Frome in 1682 from Warminster where the family had long been established as clockmakers.

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Fussells of Mells
Fussells of Mells 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

The Fussell businesses were in the main concerned with the production of agricultural edge tools – scythes, sickles, billhooks and the like – although output was by no means confined to these items.

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Somerset Smithy
Somerset Smithy 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

About the time Singers sold their art metal work to the Morris Art Bronze foundry of London, some of the employees preferred to remain in Frome.

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Nott’s Industries
Nott’s Industries 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

J.H. Nott & Sons Ltd. of Swansea bought the old Silk Mill in 1923.

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Quarrying 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

Frome is on the edge of the East Mendips which is rich in hard carboniferous limestone.

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