Latest projects

We are always working on long-term projects based around our collections.

In 2023 we completed the restoration of the Carly float, pictured below, manufactured by Nott’s Industries

We are continuing conservation work on the Marston Fire Pump, also pictured below, and are about to start preserving a Frome Fire Brigade overcoat.

Some of our other archival projects include:

Frome Drama Club

Frome Drama Club has donated its significant archives covering the history of the club since it was founded in 1946, including material relating to every play they have produced since the early 1950’s. This will sit neatly alongside the archives of the Frome Amateur Operatic Society (now known as the Frome Musical Theatre Company) to provide a comprehensive history of theatre in Frome.

Cooper and Tanner

Cooper and Tanner estate agents in Frome have donated all their sales particulars since 1993 to the museum.

St John’s Church

St John’s Church in Frome has an invaluable collection of documents  created and collected over several centuries as part of its responsibilities as Frome’s central church. Discussions between St. John’s Church and the Museum are underway that would allow the church to use the Museum’s online catalogue facilities, improving public access to this important archive.

Frome Swimming Club

We have receently received minutes, newsletters and correspondence to add to an already substantial quantity of material we hold about the club.

Frome Festival

Martin Bax has donated a large number of DVDs showing events and performances during the early years of the Festival.

Alastair Macleay

Alastair, a long-time active member of the Frome Society for Local Study (FSLS) and for many years the editor of the Society’s Yearbook, has donated a substantial quantity of historical material including land documents, family histories and FSLS papers.

Frome Research

Along with the Frome Society for Local Study, the Frome Family History Group and the Keyford History Group the museum now has access to an old website called Frome Research (edited by David Smart), which is packed with records and transcriptions on the history of Frome.  Information will be extracted from the site and presented in a form that fits our Collections system and provides data in a form that will be helpful to the other groups.

Local newspapers

Volunteers continue to extract interesting items from our collection of back copies of local newspapers. Some of the cuttings are included in the online Collections catalogue.

All our collections are available to view by appointment, and many items can be found in the museum’s online Collections catalogue.

We always welcome new volunteers to help with our project work. Please get in touch if you are interested.