Frome Museum Education

Frome Museum works to engage with local schools so that children grow up in the town learning about and appreciating the history of their surroundings.

With that in mind, we have a Trustee with particular responsibility for education who always welcomes school or other youth groups into the museum.

There are various possibilities for school visits and activities:

  1. Children can go on a 45 minute heritage walk taking in Willow Vale, the Blue School, Cheap Street, the Blind House. Worksheets are provided.
  2. We offer a themed presentation using artefacts and documents from the collections. Popular themes have included industry, emigration, the impact of war on Frome and even the histories of the pupils’ own schools.
  3. Another more general presentation covers the whole history of Frome, from St Aldhelm to Covid! This places special emphasis on the wool and cloth industries, the wonderful successes of companies like Singer and Cockey, and the resurgence in recent years of Frome as a vibrant, independent artisan town.
  4. We have folders of information about every school in and around Frome and also about many of the streets. These can be browsed through and individual items can be photocopied to take away.
  5. For schools that are unable to bring pupils into the museum, a school visit from one of our volunteers (with appropriate DBS clearance) can be organised, often to support topics in the National Curriculum or Schemes of Work.

Teachers and leaders of youth organisations are welcome to contact us.

Please phone the museum on 01373 454611 between 10.00am and 2.00pm Tuesday–Saturday or email us at