Printing industry

Printing Industries

There have been printers in Frome from at least 1795.

In the second half of the 19th century printing become a specialised industry in the town. A number of printing companies were established and some grew to national prominence.

Frome Museum holds many documents and artefacts relating to the printing industry.

Albion Printing Office
Albion Printing Office 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

This printing firm was one of the smaller firms in Frome, which was established by 1839 by John Gardiner at 4 Bath Street and known as the Albion Printing Office.

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Butler & Tanner
Butler & Tanner 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

William Langford, a chemist situated in Bath Street, established a small printing business in 1845.

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Crocker and Penny
Crocker and Penny 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

The Crocker family were the first to establish a printing office in Frome as far as can be traced.

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Daniel Press
Daniel Press 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

The Rev. Alfred Daniel came to Frome in 1838 as Perpetual Curate of the newly built Holy Trinity Church.

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Ellenbray Press
Ellenbray Press 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

Charles Axford Bray (1855-1923) was born at Waminster, where he served an apprenticeship in printing and bookbinding.

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St. Aldhelm’s Home Press
St. Aldhelm’s Home Press 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

The Church of England Incorporated Society for providing Homes for Waifs and Strays was established in 1881 to rescue and care for destitute and neglected children.

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Stephen Tuck
Stephen Tuck 150 150 Frome Heritage Museum

Stephen Tuck (1792-1865) was a printer living on Church Slope in Frome, where he was rated in 1827 and listed as a printer, stationer and bookseller in 1839.

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